I had a short-term study abroad alone in Australia.

I have been to Toronto in Canada before.

I have been to Toronto in Canada before. It was a very nice country with abundant nature. I stayed for about a week. During my stay I was able to attend a meeting with Japanese people living in Canada and an exchange party with people who are coming to Japan to study abroad in Canada. Toronto, Canada, It was not there, so I felt like having talked in Japanese after a long time. I listened to the life at the site and had me take sightseeing spots after the exchange party. I remember seeing a very nice night view. I felt the size of the scale. We also had the opportunity to visit local elementary schools. I was able to see the physical exercise lessons and the children exercising cheerfully. It was impressive that there were quite a few Chinese children. The encounter with various people at the destination has become precious memories and treasures even now even though years passed. I think that it was a valuable experience that I could learn about stories I do not know about, my life view, etc. Even the same Japanese, I was surprised that life's view is completely different by living in the field. I was completely in Canadian style ... lol. I wanted to stay a little longer and get closer to the local life. I hope that there is such opportunity in the future ...

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